We’re coming up on Halloween and if you’re in the mood for a good scare, then we’ve got the place for you. It has long been rumored that the Otesaga Resort Hotel in Cooperstown, NY is home to paranormal activity. The crew of the Syfy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” even did an investigative show about it and decided that there was indeed things going bump in the night.  I saw that show and they made a pretty convincing argument for ghostly activity. 

Here’s a bit of history about the Otesaga to peak your interest: From 1920 to 1954, the hotel was the Knox School for Girls so it stands to reason that guests have reported hearing children giggling and playing in the third floor hallway. Voices have also been heard in the Glimmerglass Room when no one was there. Then we have the infamous fifth floor where ghostly images have been seen walking in period style clothing and it is said that a security officer has heard people walking above him on the fifth floor when that would be impossible. Not convinced? You’ll just have to check it out for yourself. Apparently, the fifth floor is the best opportunity for a ghostly encounter.  Stay there if you dare.  Let's just say, you won't see me on the fifth floor at night at the Otesaga!


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