Now that early voting is over, today's the day to share your political views on a ballot in the New York State primary elections for Governor and Lieutenant Governor. If you are an Otsego County resident, you can vote from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm at your regular polling location. Click here to get the full list of polling places for your location in Otsego County.

If you live in Chenango County, click here for your polling location.

If you live in Delaware County, click here for your polling location.

Why vote? It's simple is easiest to have your voice heard in state and local elections and by voting, you have the opportunity to influence how public policies are formed and enacted in your town and county, and state.

Between absentee voting and early voting, it's never been easier to vote in an election since both provide people with more opportunities to place a vote.

Below are SAMPLE BALLOTS provided by The Otsego County Board of Elections as you head to your polling place:

DEMOCRATIC SAMPLE BALLOT via Otsego County Board of Elections
DEMOCRATIC SAMPLE BALLOT via Otsego County Board of Elections
REPUBLICAN SAMPLE BALLOT via Otsego County Board of Elections
REPUBLICAN SAMPLE BALLOT via Otsego County Board of Elections

Following the primary elections for Governor and Lt. Governor candidates, will be
Congressional and State Senate Primaries with early voting running from August 13 through August 21 with voting day for that on August 23. For residents not yet registered to vote, the last day to register for that round of voting is July 29. Absentee ballots have to be in by August 8 (mailed or with the online application) according to the Otsego County Board of Elections.

These dates are true for all New York State residents and you can access the full 2022 election calendar here.

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All you need to do now is place your vote today so that your voice can be heard. For information on local elections, visit your county's Board of Elections webpage and for New York State voter information, visit

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