The kind of car you drive can say a lot about you. A personalized plate can say a LOT MORE about you.

Several months ago, I took to New York's DMV website to see what truly bizarre vanity plates I could potentially get for my car. In New York state, a license plate can be no more than 8 characters in length, but you can have a LOT of fun with those 8 characters.

Once again, I spent WAY too much time on New York's DMV webpage, plugging random words into their custom license plate ordering form.

While trying to come up with 13 weird ones you can actually get, I made some interesting discoveries about what the DMV WON'T allow. Obviously swear words are off limits, as well as anything having to do with official government agencies. But the words "NEAT", "HATE", and "MEAT" seem to be completely off limits as well.

Because of this, I was genuinely saddened that I couldn't have a plate that said "HATE KALE" or "DOG MEAT." But that didn't deter me from coming up with some other weird ones.

So without further ado, here are 13 MORE truly bizarre vanity plates you can get in New York right now:

13 MORE Weird Vanity Plates You Can Put on Your Car in New York

As of this writing, here are 13 MORE strange personalized vanity plates that are available in the state of New York!

13 Weird Personalized Plates You Can Get in New York Right Now

As of this writing, we found 13 strange personalized vanity plates you can put on your car, if you dare.

Personalized License Plates You CAN'T Have In New York State

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