The Corning Museum of Glass is a must-see stop for tens of thousands of visitors coming through Upstate New York every year.  It has the largest collection of glass objects under one roof in the world.  The exhibits are amazing, the history is incredible, the live glass-blowing demonstration (daily) is one of the great museum experiences in Upstate New York, and, to top it all off, the museum has perhaps the best gift shop of any...anywhere!  Here are 13 amazing facts about this wonderful museum.

13 Fun Trivia Facts About the Amazing Corning Museum of Glass

The Corning Museum of Glass (Steuben County) is as much of a prized treasure as are many of the spectacular works of glass art the museum holds. It is one of the busiest museums in the state (outside of New York City) and has a world wide reputation and appeal as an outstanding repository of art, science, and technology. Here are 13 pieces of trivia and fun facts about this wonderful and special Upstate New York museum.

Keeping Memories of the Catskill Game Farm Alive! Look at These Photographs!

There is perhaps no greater Baby Boomer memory for Upstate New York kids than a visit to the Catskill Game Farm. At one time, this special place was the largest family-run private zoo in America. It ran from 1933 to 2006.

Today it is still around in a fun and exciting fashion. Yes, today you can spend the night on the grounds of the original game farm and even stay in an original building of the theme park! It has been beautifully restored as a boutique Catskill Mountain inn, it is dripping in nostalgia, and it is awesome!

Look at the photographs below of both the "new" Catskill Game Farm inn, as well as some nostalgic 1950s and 1960s photographs of this wonderful place that we all remember so well.

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