When it comes to driving in Central New York, things can get a little treacherous during a snowstorm. These 11 roads are among the worst in the area.

You know the kind of road we are talking about. A road that you absolutely avoid at all costs. One that has scared you with a really bad incident at one time or another during a bad snowstorm. We've all been in that moment, but for many of us, the road is what is different.

While for the most part, we are pretty seasoned to snowfall in Central New York, we all will have moments that make us question, how good are we really in the snow? Sliding uncontrollably is a very nerve-wracking experience. Most times, it won't even be your fault. You have to get to work and whatever town you live in has yet to touch your road with a plow.

What makes a lot of roads in the area even worse, hills. We have tons, and tons of hills and for the most part, to avoid them, you'll just need to detour to go up or down another hill. If you're living outside of a hill town and in the valley, it doesn't matter. All that matters is when the plow gets to the road you need to drive on.

So, how did we figure out which roads are the worst? We asked our listeners, and boy did they chime in with nearly 500 responses.

[OPINION] Here is my worst road. Honey Hill Road going from Deerfield to Newport, with that hill and the twists and turns, days after a snowstorm it can be unbearable to weave your car down the road.

Here are the 11 worst in Central NY.

11 Of The Worst Roads To Drive On During A Central NY Snowstorm

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