Back on July 17 in 2013, a small group of women (Cathy Deleski, Colleen Andrew, Petrea Delberta, Coleen Lewis, and Aida Rogers) from Otsego County got together to help others in need in our community, modeling themselves after the national non-profit organization, 100 Women Who Care. That charitable organization began in 2006 thanks to Karen Dunigan of Jackson, MI.  The idea is to raise money quickly and easily for local charities/non-profits/worthy causes by asking members or attendees at a fundraiser to donate $100 each.

With that model in mind, 100+ Women Who Care Otsego County is hoping to raise $10,000 on July 24th at the B-Side Ballroom and Supper Club in Oneonta at the fundraising event "Christmas in July".  If 100 people attend and donate $100 each, then that ambitious goal will be reached. Attendees vote for where they would like the funds raised to go.

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