I found myself in a conversation this morning with my co-worker Dan about parents giving their kids chores around the house to do.  My husband and I grew up in houses where we were required to do certain things around the house on a regular basis and feel that in order to teach our children about responsibility and being good contributers, in terms of "sharing the load" in the family.  The one thing the two kids are required to do once a week at this point is vacuuming.  Once in a while, we'll ask them to empty the dish drainer or set the table, etc.  They complain of course, but what kid doesn't?  My question to you parents out there is, do you require your kids to do any chores?  Please comment below.  When I talk to other parents, I find that my husband and I are in the minority with this and I'm not sure why.  I guess different strokes for different folks.