This morning Ted Muehl, Townsquare Media's News Director and sports guy, joins John Hayen during the 7:45am Sports Talk on ZOZ 103.   His unusual garb is a tribute to his favorite NFL team, the New York Jets and an attempt to throw John into a tailspin.  Did he do it?  John will claim it didn't work but then again, he always thinks he's right.

On a different note, you may have heard us chatting at the end of that same sports report about Dallas Cowboys billionaire owner Jerry Jones and a video that went viral yesterday of  Jerry Jones, sitting in his stadium suite watching Wednesday night's game, while a guy sitting behind him cleans Jerry's glasses with a handkerchief and hands them back to him. The internet did its job and tracked down the glasses lackey - it was Jones' own son-in-law Stephen, who no doubt will probably do anything his father-in-law asks of him.  Here's the video.