Bullying is not just for kids although we hear about it mostly in terms of what children are dealing with.  This is a true story about how News anchor/reporter Jennifer Livingston of CBS affiliate WKBT in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, dealt with a bullying incident. 

Livingston received an email from a viewer who wrote to chide her for being fat. Yesterday morning, during the news, Livingston responded on-air to the letter. "The truth is, I am overweight," Livingston acknowledged. "You can call me fat - and yes, even obese on a doctor's chart. But to the person who wrote me that letter, do you think I don't know that? That your cruel words are pointing out something that I don't see?  To all of the children out there who feel lost, who are struggling with your weight, with the color of your skin, your sexual preference, your disability, even the acne on your face, listen to me right now. Do not let your self-worth be defined by bullies. Learn from my experience - that the cruel words of one are nothing compared to the shouts of many."

After the letter was posted online, she received hundreds of letters of support.   You can watch the video of her response below.