It’s National Kiss Day today. Just the words bring me back to my first kiss, standing in a barren driveway after school with my first girlfriend, we’ll call her Mallory.

Mallory lived across the street from me and we often rode the bus home together. Her father usually gave us rides to school in the morning.

Then, as often happens when boys become teens and discover girls hit that stage years prior, I approached Mallory with more aplomb and asked her one day after school to be my girlfriend.

And as we stood in the driveway not long before 5 p.m. on a warm June day, her dog barked as I asked: “So, do we kiss now?”

She shrugged her shoulders and sort of rolled her eyes.

I said, “I think so.”

I leaned in and we kissed softly — just a peck.

Then I ran home with glee.

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