Are those the glowing eyes of the devil?  No, but there is some serious cat  intelligence going on behind them.  Once again, my cat Mitzi escaped from the basement last night.  What until you hear what she went through!Yesterday, I was determined to keep my cat contained at night since she loves to meow outside our bedroom door at night, disrupting our sleep.  Let's just say that when my sleep is disrupted, I get a bit cranky to say the least.

So I went out and picked up a locking hook and eye set up for her cat door that she keeps busting through.  It had a regular hook and eye that she was unhooking with her paw somehow.  She's a smarty pants for sure.  I had no idea just how smart she was until last night she somehow (don't ask me how) she unhooked the locking hook and eye!  Does my cat somehow transform herself into a superhero at night?!  What is happening?  Is my ego bruised from being outsmarted by my cat?  You bet!  That's it.  It's time for the "big guns" as they say.  I'm bringing the heavy clasp with a padlock!  Let's see her break out of that!  Of course I have yet to install that.  I'll keep you updated.

I doubt I can video my cat breaking out but these people did.  This proves how smart cats are!