Danika Clair is an aspiring singer from Bainbridge who just might have the chops to take down her competitors in Five Star Subaru Presents Ultimate Idol's finale Aug. 8.

"I think I've been singing since I was born," she said. "I've loved creating music as long as I can remember."

She grew up singing along with artists like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Bette Midler and Journey. Ask Clair about her musical influences and the list runs 20 deep. But the most influential is Beth Hart, known for singing "LA Song (Out of this Town)."

"What speaks to me most is the unique," Clair said.

Her own unique voice, which she developed through school chorus and studying vocals and music education at Broome County Community College, helped her advance to the top 10.

She sang a capella in the first round and followed it up with a rousing version of "Creep" in her top-20 performance.

"It's difficult for me to prepare for each performance," she said. "I haven't sang this much and this intensely in a long time."

Leading up to competition Clair is as nervous as any of the competitors. However, unlike some who may have fallen to the pressure, she seems to gain strength with each performance.

"Once I get up on stage, neither (preparing or performing) are taxing or difficult anymore," she said. "In the last two rounds of the competition, the stage has been one of the few places I feel 100 percent in control."

Check out her performances: