As if anyone needs another excuse to have sex, here comes another one--having sex can make you smarter according to a study recently conducted at the University of Amsterdam. Results  show that those who are sexually aroused performed better in critical thinking tests than those who were not - that sex essentially makes you smarter.  I find that surprising considering that thinking about sex makes one rather one track minded.  Who can focus on anything else?  As it turns out, evidence gathered by Dr. Jens Forster and other researchers at the University for Amsterdam  found that the release offered by sexual gratification promotes brain growth. In the study, subjects were given sets of problems that required participants to employ critical thinking in order to solve them. Researchers allegedly observed better performances from those who were thinking about sex than from those participants who were not.  So whether you want to get busy for a bigger brain, to reduce stress or just because it feels good, it seems we just keep finding out how beneficial sex is.