Talk about an amazing story about a dog missing his owner and somehow tracking him down!  John Dolan of Bay Shore, New York was hospitalized with a skin condition last week. His wife says their dog Zander missed his owner very much, whining and crying all the time.  Apparently when Zander couldn't stand it anymore, he somehow snuck out of the house when Mrs. Dolan wasn't looking.  No ones knows how but Zander found his way to the Good Samaritan Hospital where John Dolan was staying, more than 2 miles away. A hospital employee found the dog on the street outside of the building where Dolan was being treated. How did he know that his owner was there?!

The Dolans got Zander, a 7-year-old husky from an animal shelter and nursed him back from starvation five years ago. Dolan says the dog has been like a son ever since. A few days later Zander tried a second visit, but was caught on the way there.  Isn't that amazing?