Snuggling: it's not just for couples any more.  If you're feeling a lack of snuggle time or just feeling plain stressed you can call a snuggle master Jackie Samuel who calls herself a professional snuggler. Jackie is a 29 year old Penfield, New York native and has become an expert in "Cuddle Sutra",  mastering over 100 non sexual positions to facilitate cuddling.  She claims you feel "more calm for days afterward" and that cuddling has numerous health benefits.  Samuel hopes to make the world a gentler place, "one snuggle at a time.  For $60, Jackie will snuggle with you for an entire hour.

Here are some commonly asked questions that The Snuggle Master answers on her website,


Q. What should I wear to my first appointment?
A. I recommend loose fitting, natural fiber clothing, but whatever you are most comfortable in is what you should wear. Pajamas are always a good choice.

Q. Do we meet before we snuggle?
A. Yes, we do meet briefly prior to snuggling in order to make sure that we're both comfortable and that our expectations are compatible.

Q. What if I become sexually aroused during my session?
A. Don't worry, it happens! Although sexual activity is not permitted, arousal is perfectly normal and should not make anyone feel uncomfortable.

Q. Am I supposed to talk during my session?
A. It's really up to you. Although some people find that snuggling makes talking easier, the benefits of snuggling are not dependent on being verbal.

Q. Do clothes/pajamas always stay on for the duration of our session?
A. Absolutely! Nudity is not permitted.

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