The Groucho Marx glasses sure take you back, don't they?  My son picked these out as his reward at the dentist office the other day and when he walked in the door wearing these with a big grin on his face, I burst right out laughing.  Groucho Marx glasses are a guaranteed laugh after all but they aren't alone.  I had a pair of those as a kid.  Who didn't? 

These are some other fun novelty disguises I had throughout my childhood.

Can you believe Wax lips were edible?!  And I remember eating them when I was done prancing around in them.  Ick!

You gotta love 80's shutter glasses.  Way cool!  You can't see out of them very well but who cares?

Plastic Vampire teeth were fun all year long even if they were very uncomfortable and made you drool uncontrollably.

Jumbo glasses were hard to keep on but they always made people laugh.

Bizarro glasses are aptly named because they truly bizarre!

Did you have any of these timeless classics?