Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation yesterday to better protect New Yorkers from sex offenders.

The legislation expands on reforms already implemented by the administration which strengthen the state’s civil confinement procedures and better detects repeat sex offenders.

The first bill calls for law enforcement officials to update photographs of high risk sexual offenders every 90 days or if the offender’s appearance has changed.

The 2nd bill requires the parole board to record and write down a transcript of the release interviews of detained sex offenders. These records will go to the office of mental health and the attorney general’s office for use in determining whether to seek a civil confinement hearing for the defendant. Both bills go into effect in 30 days.

Governor Cuomo also signed a bill yesterday that will help provide health insurance coverage to former employees of Eastman Kodak. The bill authorizes the department of financial services to provide experience rated health insurance coverage to retired Eastman Kodak employees. The new law takes effect immediately and has no fiscal impact on the state.