According to a recent survey of 1,000 people, the most common irritating thing a neighbor does is park their vehicle in front of their neighbor's house.   But as we all know, there are plenty of other things that could easily have ended up on that list:

  • playing loud, bad music (keep the speed metal to yourself!)
  • loud intercourse (we don't want to know how much fun you're having!)
  • Neighbor's dog constantly barking (shut up!)
  • screaming kids (mine do a good job of that sometimes)
  • junking up their property with garbage and scraps of lord knows what (we don't want to look at that!)
  • hanging up their unmentionables on the clothesline all day, every day (gross!)
  • Coming home drunk and loud in the wee hours of the night and waking everybody up (I'm tryin' to sleep here!)

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