After last night, I'm convinced that my cat, Mitzi is the reincarnation of the famous magician, Houdini.  She doesn't look particularly intelligent but let me tell you that she is "runnin' the show" in our house. 

Because she loves to meow like crazy outside our bedroom door at night, we started to keep her in the basement, much to the horror of my daughter who thought that was cruel and unusual punishment.  I had to gently remind her that we're dealing with a cat, not a human baby.  Mitzi has a nice comfy bed, food, and litter box in the basement.  It might not be an amusement park but it's certainly good enough for a cat in my opinion.

So here's why I think my cat is a mini Houdini:  we have a little door cut out of the basement door so that Mitzi can come and go as she pleases to the basement to access her food and litter box.  After she started loudly meowing outside the bedroom doors every night, I felt the need to create a door to cover the hole.  One that would be hinged so that it could remain open in the day and closed at night.  Well, it lasted for two nights and then she learned how to open it!  It's fastened with a secure hook and eye.  Hmphf!  After she escaped 4 times last night, I finally sleepily instructed my husband to duct tape over the latch to the cat door.  That did the trick.  I know it's only temporary of course since she can no doubt escape from Alcatraz.   I'm not sure Fort Knox could keep her out.

5 Ways your cat is smarter than you:

1. Cats seem like they’re not paying attention to you, but they are watching your every move, waiting for you to leave the room so that they can hop up on the kitchen counter and browse for scraps.

2. The “I don’t care” attitude they have is all an act. It keeps you interested in your cat, enough to give them plenty of pettings.

3. Cats always know when you are in a vulnerable position (on the toilet) and use that to get up to mischief.

4. Cats can open doors. I’ve seen it!

5. Cats know exactly how to cuddle up to you in the cutest way when they’ve just done something naughty.