Most people wake up on a Monday morning and groan right?  ARRRGH, back to work and the "grind".  Mondays have always had a bad rap as the beginning of the work week for most people but we've taken it quite a step further.  We don't just hate Mondays any more.  It's open season to hate all week days, except for Friday of course since at that point, the weekend is within reach.

All this comes from a study out of New York's Stony Brook University in which researchers surveyed over 340,000 Americans and found that people hate other week days just as much as they hate Mondays.   Friday, however, is the one week day people don't seem to mind.  Professor Arthur Stone, author of the study which was recently published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, says: "Despite our global beliefs about lousy Mondays, we conclude that this belief should be abandoned. Cultural myths may vastly over-emphasize actual day of the week mood patterns."

So basically, you are just as likely to be grouchy on a Thursday or Tuesday as you are on a Monday?  That's nice.  I say, get over it and find something enjoyable in each day so that you're not living for the weekends so much.  I mean, what if you have a lousy weekend?  There's simply too much pressure to have a great weekend to make up for the lousy week.  You see what I'm saying (I hope).  In a nutshell, appreciate the little day-to-day things, like that delicious morning coffee, Joe's funny joke at work, or seeing your boss with toilet paper on his shoe.  Whatever little things you get enjoyment from, focus on those things instead of focusing on what day of the week it is and see how much better life gets.  Wouldn't it be great to get to a mental place where all days of the week are considered equally great?  Let's try to get there.  It sure beats hating most of the days of the week.